Not exactly a biography...

It all started many years go - once upon a time, there was a little girl who dreamed of living in palace made of glass, wearing beautiful, long, sparkly dresses, performing on the biggest stages of the world, being loved by every single creature on this planet, and most of all - living beautiful life filled with only love and happiness.

Just like that lady on TV...!*


Maybe not exactly like that ;-)

Some of that is somewhat true. I was surrounded by music since the day I was born (actually, if I am to believe my parents, I was exposed to AC/DC through headphones placed on my mum's belly way before the day that brought me into this world!). Firstly, surrounded by my parents' friends (music students at the time), I learned to walk while listening to multiple band rehearsals in the student accommodation building. Then, what probably seemed like a short time after, it became a fairly causal thing for little me to write a letter to Santa and ask for a portable stage with a full sound system and lighting (lighting was important, it had to have all the rainbow colours!), just so I could start practising early in preparation for my obviously very bright future! It just carried on from there, one of my favourite stories is when I supposedly decided to line up all the tuning pegs in my dad's guitar, trying to fix the bloody thing for him, of course! :-) 

Fast forward to this day, that dream has been an inseparable part of me - even though it has changed its shape and form several times. With everything that I was lucky enough to experience in my life - successes and failures, love and hate, relationships and friendships that came and went, people who raised me up and people who brought me down - I started to develop a different, more mature connection with music. I started to listen - more than I would try to recreate what already existed. It was all about absorbing, feeling, respecting and partnering with music. It suddenly stopped being about chasing the vision of perfection I created in my head as a little girl, and then got sucked into. 

I was driving myself crazy, seeing the world only in black and white, constantly analysing the opposite ends of that imaginary spectrum.

Music is a tough teacher - but also a very wise one.

I have had various experiences with many bands, musicians, and other artists - and I learned something from every single one of them. I am grateful for all of these experiences, and I will try and one day personally thank all of them, because it is entirely due to these events that I am in this place, right here and right now. I will be forever grateful to the people who wanted to collaborate with me in various projects - even when I wasn't the best musician, or even my best self. While they were all very valuable experiences, I never felt 'complete', and couldn't really figure out why. I succeeded a little, but also fell very hard on numerous occasions - and these falls are exactly what taught me everything.

I am realising this is getting really long - if you made it this far, [you must be really bored] you must be a great person, and I hope we become friends!

There was a point where I realised that I didn't spend all those years learning to sing, play the piano, guitar, learning about all this completely messed up music theory, stressing every time I was due to go on stage, and delivering both terrible and reasonably good performances - to now hide at home behind work and all the troubles of every day life. Yes, it is easier, and definitely less scary - but there are a few people that are very important to me, and that believe in me more than I ever have and ever will - and they are the ones that I don't want to let down.

So, here I am. 

I won't define myself by any genre (more on this later!), because my influences go from Whitesnake, AC/DC and Toto, through Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera, right to Alicia Keys, Jamiroquai and Eva Cassidy. There's no real pattern - and I won't be asking myself to come up with one any time soon.

You might ask - so what the hell are you trying to achieve?

And I promise that as soon as I find a clear, concise answer with clear objectives and timeframes, I will certainly share it with you.

Until then, be a darling and just listen; come on this weird journey with me. Maybe you will find something for yourself here too.

- Aleksandra Rogalska (ARia)

*I promise I will tell you where this came from soon enough too! :)