Voice Over

Being a very curious soul, always keen on exploring new ventures, I got interested in a new form of vocal performance - voice over!

It started off as a new hobby and the means of exploring the depths of my mind, and then quickly escalated to something I absolutely love doing. Having now done commercials, jingles, dubbing for video games characters and e-learning platforms, I am excited and ready to take it further.

Vocal training is, of course, a unique quality - giving me enormous flexibility in performance, and enabling me to relay any emotion - and lift the text off the page and give it a new life! 

I can do it in two languages - Polish and British English (with a neutral accent with a hint of Eastern Europe if need be :)). If you're looking for a one-stop-shop, where you can get all the work done to address bilingual (or even multilingual!) audiences, I am your girl!

I do all my recordings from home, on a professional set up, minimising background noise. I can also work with background music, or even choose a track for you! Perfect for phone systems, transportation, e-learning, commercials, trainings, or any other projects that require Polish and English languages.

Listen to my demo below, and if interested - get in touch :)

Showreel (PL)ARia
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Showreel (ENG)ARia
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